Is this bullying or not- bullying scenarios for KS 2, early years

Is this bullying or not?  What would you do?

1). Sally was walking home after school on a cold, winters day and it was snowing. Mark and Steve, in her class came running up to her and began to throw snow balls at her. “Please stop, stop, STOP!” she cried, but they just laughed and continued to throw more snow balls at her. By the time she reached home, she was soaked. The next day when she told her teacher, the boys were severely told off and given a punishment, “But Miss, we were only having fun!”

Q: Is this bullying or not? How / Why?  What would you do?

2). Two boys, Paul and Mike, who were good friends, had a disagreement in class. Paul turned to Mike and said, “We’ll finish this outside”. In the school playground Paul threw the first punch at Mike in the arm. Mike then punched him back. This quickly turned into a fight. A group of pupils rallied around, Mike cried out “enough, enough, I want this to stop”. All the pupils who where watching this however, yelled out “fight, fight, fight! Come on, fight!” Paul continued to hit and kick Mike.

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