You don’t care!


I sit in my corner,

Dark and isolated,

From the rest of society.

You look and wonder why I don’t socialise,

You laugh and walk away.


You don’t care!


If you cared you would come,

Come and give me a helping hand.

Talk to me, make people care,

But you leave me to cry.


Alone in my corner,

Dark and isolated.


You don’t care!


I ask my mum for help,

Asking what’s up with me?

Why do I push people away?

Can I not learn to trust, why?


You don’t care!


I lie on the cold ground,


Looking at the stars, wishing things would be better.

Tears run down my pale frozen cheeks,

I lie alone.


You don’t care!


I sit again in my corner,

Dark and isolated.

Waiting…Waiting for the bell to go.


A small girl in my year.

I look away; you place your arm around me,

Asking how I am.

I don’t respond.

You drag me up by my hand,

You smile and introduce yourself.

You get me to talk,

Then take me with you.


You do care!


You talk to me,

Make me feel happy and human.

No longer an alien.

You introduce me to your other friends and they welcome me.

I am so grateful.


You do care!


I don’t sit in my corner hiding,

No longer isolated.

I no longer sit and wait for the bell to go,

I enjoy my break.

My new best friend,

A new start.

I no longer push people away.

I thank you.


You do care!


We shouldn’t hide because of a bully.

Embrace life and live everyday different.

Never isolate yourself, it’s never your fault.


Love chrisie x x