Conference presentation at Horace Mann School; March 7th 2015 – Surprise guest…Monica Lewinsky!!

Conference guest speaker presentation examining the multidisciplinary approaches to explaining bullying and with that in mind, offering broader bullying prevention. Conference hosted by the New York Anti-bullying Leadership Network at Horace Maan private school in the Bronx, NY. Amongst esteemed peers such as Dr. Dorothy Esplage, Dr. Justin Patchin and Dr. Deborah Temkin.
Followed by a successful workshop that explored the definitions of bullying, with particular emphasis upon racism and all forms of discrimination.
“Extremely informative”, “Diverse”, “Fascinating” were among some of the feedback from delegates. Group pictures to follow soon. A real platform to introducing Action Against Bullying & Bullying Intervention Group.
Surprise guest in the 2nd half of the conference, especially during the Q&A session. ..Monica Lewinsky! 03/07/15

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