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mSpy extreme video creates awareness around cyber dangers

There have been various videos on cyber dangers that have been released over the years. However, none is creating awareness of the dangers kids face anytime they go on online like mSpy’s extreme video ad dubbed “your kids are never alone.”
The video aims to shed more light on the dangers children face anytime they get online. The video ad opens with a young girl sleeping, and her mother comes in to check her up. Then leaves her room and closes the door. The teenager girl’s tablet beeps, she wakes up and reaches for it, and the rest is history.
In this era, kids live their lives online amongst all sort of people: online predators, sex offenders and traffickers. In addition to these dangers we have the rise of sexting and cyberbullying.
According to the statistics cyberbullying is the number 1 cause of child depression and anxiety among children. In addition to that, 2 out of 9 cyberbullied victims have thought about committing suicide.
Victims of Cyberbullying
Amanda Tood, a 15-year old girl, committed suicide in 2012 because she could not endure the effects of cyberbullying. It all started when she sent a picture of her breast to a supposed online friend. This photo was later distributed on the Internet. She ended up committing suicide at a tender age of 15 years. You can check her last YouTube video here.
Another victim of cyberbullying who committed suicide was Rebecca Sedwick in Florida. She was tormented and harassed online by two girls that she decided to end her life by jumping off a silo factory plant. She was just 12- years old with lots of life ahead of her. Her story was published on ABC News
Most parents out there have no idea what cyberbullying is all about. Added to the statistical fact that only 1 out of 10 victims would tell parent about being cyberbullied. Therefore, this torment, harassments and torture go on and on until these kids break down physically, emotionally and physiologically.
Amanda and Rebecca’s stories are just but a few ones out there. Children are suffering silently on their own and parents, guardians, teachers and the kids themselves need to step in to help.

Below are some signs your child is being cyberbullied:
1. Kids look nervous when receiving Instant Messages, text or email.
2. The pretense of being ill to skip school.
3. Most bullied kids find it difficult to sleep at night.
4. Kids get angry and depressed after being online.
5. Bullied kids start withdrawing from friends and family.
6. In most cases, they do not want to share any information about their online activities.
Parents and guardians should never take it lightly when they see any of these signs being expressed by their children.
How can we put a stop to this Cyberbullying
• Parents must build healthy relationships with their kids. This helps kids open up to their parents and guardians. Moreover, having healthy relationships is as a result of effective communications.
• Teaching kids to come out to report cyberbullying cases. They should be encouraged not to be shy about it regardless how bad it is.
• Parents should constantly check out how their kids behave in schools. This action will help them better understand the children and also schools must incorporate anti-bullying rules or campaigns.
• Parents can benefit from parental control apps like mSpy. mSpy has over 25 features that allow parents to have access to their kid’s social media messaging apps, photos and browser histories where they will be able to know who may be cyberbullying their children in other to take immediate action to stop this cyberbullying menace among kids.
mSpy is the leading parental control application that allows parents monitor their kids’ Android and iOS devices online and offline activities including:
• SnapChat
• WhatsApp
• Facebook
• Text messages
• Call logs
• Contacts
• Real-time GPS location
• Setting geo-fence zones (forbidden and allowed zones are set like “grandma’s hous and school” each time the child breaches these zones and alerting message is sent to the parent)
• And 20 more features
The video is a bit extreme but it tellsthe truth about cyber dangers kids are facing every day online. The dangers of the Internet are real. Parents and guardians need to get more involved in their kid’s online lives.

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