Action Against Bullying aims to install in teachers, counselors and educators, the fundamentals of what bullying is, the core issues associated and through simple steps, activities delivered via workshops and presentations, to allow adults to reach out to children and young people.  More recently, Action Against Bullying has also begun to target the community, by addressing core issues to parents and young people who do not necessarily get the full support or parents lack awareness, despite bullying prevention at schools.

With a focus on social and emotional teaching and learning and restorative solutions, Action Against Bullying will provide simple, but effective training to adults that not only ensure to reduce and eliminate the social problem of bullying, but also develop a stronger relationship between pupils and the teachers as well as parents and their children. Counselors, will also be able to effectively monitor the various growing bullying and bias-based bullying trends in their school and Action Against Bullying methods will enable for them to work effectively with both teachers and young people.

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