KEY SIGNS TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR CHILD/Teen –if you suspect that they are a victim of bullying:


  • Mood swings unrelated to hormones;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Loss of sleep;
  • Increasingly disengages with family affairs;
  • Fairly rapid weight loss or gain!!
  • Decline in school grades;
  • An increase in the need to be alone;
  • Being irritated or angry easily;
  • Begins to target siblings;
  • Signs of self-harm!!


How YOU can help avoid your child/teenager from becoming a victim OR perpetrator of bullying!!


  • Ask your child casually about things that go on in school, focus on anything that is negative and challenge this;
  • Ask your child if they KNOW what bullying is?
  • Have they witnessed any incidents of bullying?
  • Ask your child if they feel nervous about returning to school…if yes…why?
  • Notice anything your child/teen may say about school or returning to school that is negative;
  • Take note of something they may say about other pupils;
  • Talk about social media behaviour!!


 PARENTS/TEACHERS/GUIDANCE COUNSELORS….CRUCIAL to your relationship with your child/ren is continual:Communication, Respect for All & Trust = An open-solid relationship!!!






  • Casually bring up the topic of bullying whether over dinner or watching tv etc;
  • Ask/investigate what materials on anti-bullying are being delivered or available by the school;
  • ASK your child what is the school doing??
  • Speak to the school principle;
  • Call helplines for more information or help if your child is being bullied and the school is not efficient in their response!!