Bullying and Racist Bullying in Schools by Dr. Sairah

MODULE : Bullying and Racist Bullying Scenario’s

MODULE : Bullying Awareness Activities

MODULE : Is this bullying or not- bullying scenarios for KS 2, early years

MODULE : Protecting Children and Young People from vulnerable locations

MODULE : Reaching out to Children and Young people through Social and Emotional Learning on the Signs and Dangers of Cyberbullying

MODULE : Recognizing and Understanding the Signs and Nature of Bullying.

MODULE : Social and Emotional Teaching Against Ethnic Difference and Diversity

MODULE : Using social and emotional learning to promote confidence and pride in ethnic difference and diversity

MODULE : Using Social and Emotional Learning to Promote Positive Upstander Behavior

MODULE : What is bullying, racist bullying?

MODULE: Promoting Exercises As a Prevention of School Bullying

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