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About Action Against Bullying

Action Against Bullying, LLC consists of top quality training in anti-bullying from a specialist in the academic as well as consulting field.  A New York City Public School contract vendor and DASA and SAVE certified, Action Against Bullying LLC, provides effective bullying prevention training that incorporates the latest research and easily applicable to all US schools.

As President and Founder of Action Against Bullying, LLC, Dr. Sairah Qureshi earned her PhD in Sociology and Criminology, with research based on exploring and examining the perceptions of bullying and racist bullying and particularly how it is manifested around the school environment. Dr. Qureshi was awarded her PhD in December 2011 in the UK and has had over 12 years of academic experience and over 9 years as a consultant and practitioner in the field of bullying and bias-based bullying. She has advised local authorities on bullying, participated in and evaluated school training manuals on bullying as well as delivered extensive public outreach work to children and young people on the subject of school bullying and racism both in the US and UK. Dr. Qureshi has presented her work at several anti-bullying conferences in the UK, US and in Europe.

Not only does she act as Residential Consultant Expert for the Downtown Manhattan Community Board 1, ‘Youth and Education Committee’ since May 2010 where her proposals have been presented to the NYC Department of Education, she is also a prominent member of the NYC Teen Healthy Relationship Network RoundTable committee. At these meetings Dr. Qureshi has consulted with other key organisations into developing an Anti-Bullying prevention program in order to combat teen dating violence/abusive relationships among teens as well as organize annual conferences. Dr. Qureshi further has been an Associate member of the UK’s largest anti-bullying organization, ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance’ since 2008 where she has presented her work and hosted workshops for this organization. Dr. Qureshi recently presented her work at high profile anti-bullying conferences in New York and has been interviewed on radio and internet radio with viewers that have tuned in worldwide.

Dr. Sairah Qureshi has lectured and published articles in her specialized field as well as published two editions of her book, Bullying and Racist Bullying in Schools; What ARE we missing?’. What makes Action Against Bullying more unique from other organizations is the specialized academic and practical knowledge from examining bullying, not only from an educational psychological perspective, but also from the socio-economic angle. It thus allows for a broader pro-active anti-bullying training module curriculum. As an avid fitness enthusiast and now Adjunct Professor of Fitness and Exercise Science and Sport teaching dance fitness courses (Bokwa Dance; Bokwa Punch & Strike; BollyX) at New Jersey City University becoming the first in the United States to be teaching courses all at 3 credits, Dr. Qureshi has also established a firm link between group fitness exercise and reducing anti-social behavior = bullying. Thus at Action Against Bullying, new angles have taken place with bullying prevention creatively using group fitness as a powerful and positive preventative mechanism. Dr. Qureshi is in the works with her third book that addresses this key issue!


Action Against Bullying, LLC, serves to constantly strive and improve on its quality of training through its affiliations with other organizations. Recently Action Against Bullying developed a partnership with Bullying Intervention Group, one of the largest anti-bullying organisations in the UK.  Bullying Intervention Group, a not for profit, is a social enterprise, set up to administer the BIG award in schools and promotes excellence in bullying intervention. BIG consists of three highly trained consultants whom each individually have over ten years of experience in bullying intervention and the organization has been highly successful with schools signing up for the BIG award across the UK, in Ireland, Wales and Brussels.

Val McFarlane, Adrienne Katz and Vicki Lydon have each worked for over ten years in bullying intervention work, and have successfully managed thousands of cases of bullying and friendship issues. BIG has a team of consultants  who work on local award panels and deliver training and have consultants assisting them in different parts of the UK.

 Katz Val Work Vickinew

           Adrienne Katz                                Val  McFarlane                            Vicki Lydon


For further information and to discover more about the directors of BIG, please go to:


Action Against Bullying strives to connect and affiliate with other organizations to develop a community network in bullying prevention. Recently, Action Against Bullying affiliated with the NY United Federation of Teacher’s organisation, one of the largest in the US; Action Against Bullying recently developed an association with MSPY.Com – The APP that assists Parents to protect their children’s cyber activities!!! As well as with OSC World, that founded Digital FlyTM.

Utilizing Geo-Location to identify targets in a predesignated area, Digital FlyTM searches terms, watch lists, keywords hashtags, users and groups on social media platforms. The data is tracked and analysed, patterns and movement are identified over time and ranked for potential threats (bullying, weapons, fights, self-harm).  When a threat is recognized, an alert is highlighted.


Michel Richez is the Executive Vice President Business Development for OSC World, including Digital Fly TM. For more information, please do check out:

Sabir Hussain AKA Saby Khan is based in Leeds, UK and currently working as a Entertainment Consultant and Director to some of the biggest International Events. Action Against Bullying is proud to announce its partnership with Saby Khan Entertainment and Media!!!
Saby, who has over 20 years of front line experience as an Events Director has previously worked with stars such as Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and many more in the Hip Hop Music Industry. Action Against Bullying is thrilled to bring Saby on board as Senior Adviser to the team, whereby he will be providing excellent service in his guidance, as well as promoting Anti Bullying Awareness in Schools, Colleges, Universities across the East Coast.

Saby said, “It’s a great pleasure joining with Action Agaisnt Bullying USA and our Chairman, Dr Q, Sairah Qureshi has been a beacon of excellence in providing young people, women and employees great help in combating Anti Bullying. I look forward in advising Dr Q with some of the sensitive issues such as combating student bullying to race and religious discrimination. We plan to take Action Against Bullying into the next generation in eradicating bullying from all forms of Society”!! Dr. Qureshi was recently appointed as Chairperson to Saby Khan Entertainment and Media!